To get involved or not get involved…(Part1)

Recently I had discussion with a colleague – ” is it important or not important for functional organizations to be involved in the project from the time of the original proposal ?”

Since we couldnt find the time to finish our conversation – I decided to put my ideas here so you he can read it. Maybe I will make a series about this…

I have read that the PMI conducts a survey about project failures every year and publishes the result. This report on the state of the project management and what actually cause the projects failure is an important indicator about this issue. The result states that only roughly more than half of the projects meet the original scope! Scope creep as this called is an important reason for the failure of the projects.

Companies should be very wary about this , un-controlled or poorly managed scope issue since it can and certainly will affect their projects severely. Some of the resulting failures are missing deadline, budget overrun and even project failure. It is because of this companies need to be in the scope process from the get-go.

Early participation in the scoping process ensures that the project has a clear scope. Companies should also make sure that the project is in line with the scope and does not encourage in anyways the scope creep threat and this should only be possible with presence from the start. Additionally company should continuously check on the progress of the project with an eye on the scope.

It should be noted along with this early participation companies should als benefit from project management practises. ie it will be much easier to manage the scope of the project using effective customer client communications, staying within the limits of company’s deployed team to deliver, properly documenting important events in the development process and staying within the guidelines provided. These are all great ways to manage the scope effectively for the company but these has to be done from the day 0. This is why the company needs to be in the frame from the earliest possible time.

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