To get involved or not get involved…(Part2)

As an addition to the former post, just want to underline some more tips for an effective project scope management by the organization who do care about scope management.

=The companies should make sure to confirm the deliverables as frequently as possible with the customers to avoid any last minute changes ( and dramas that follow )

=They must involve the entire teams that are related to the scope in the process of scoping for the Project

=They should try to Include all the deliverables in the WBS in a very precise manner.

=They must certainly involve all the stakeholders during the requirement gathering phase. If they dont inpout now, “then” it will be too late.

Additionally the companies must be very careful about the changes that were not part of the original scope. That is really what is known as a scope creep and PM must ensure that the project scope goes through CR process.

Finally, whether one stands in early or late inclusion in the process – proper scope management is important for the company as it greatly improves the ability of the PM team to stay within budget and use time effectively.

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