Built-in Quality@Work

A VAS guy should be proud of his work !

This is a quick minute about what I think about the Scrum – what it echoes with me when I hear someone talk about it. This one is about  – yes you guessed it – quality we build into our beloved VAS.

I realized that when your team developed into the we-are-together-in-this mindset, the next step was the continuous improvement to what were doing each day. It essentially became the idea that tied to everything. After every project, we set down and thought about what was good and every principle that got approved went  into action, becoming part the way we tried to put quality into our work.

I believe that we had really a value-centered mindset because were proud product people who believed that everything we did had to be bringing value to our customer.I can’t really think of a better approach from a product team really. And to think that we were there and doing that a decade ago…

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