Transparency was hard to achieve in a big company, especially in one that is owned by several huuuuge[Imagine Villanele from Killing Eve saying this]  shareholders who have their own agenda. 

However, if you achieve it transparency leads to better employee relationships – up/down and across the horizontal. We all know that people don’t quit just their jobs, they also – and probably just as often-  quit their superiors/bosses/managers and so-called “natural leaders”. This was one of the issues where I worked in. While I can proudly boast that my own team’s turnover was way way low to the company wide average , I saw a lot of good men and women simply excuse themselves out of their really decent positions because they found it hard to do their best for objectives no one bothered to explain to them. I know you can’t be totally open in a company but one way or another you do have to manage this open management and transparent coordination concept if you want your A-team/Fire Brigade Regiment to stay with you until the bitter end.

I always underlined to my people that when it comes to developing good workplace relationships, trust is front and center.  This was part of my “Manifesto” that I dicated to every person I worked with in my team. I saw that when leaders are transparent about themselves in a project setting, problems are solved faster. Take Capt. Miller in Saving Private Ryan, explain why we are here and what we are asked to do but keep some for yourself ( and never ever gripe down to your team members, they dont really like that, you always gripe up). I know I am stating the obvious but let me itereate that by being open and honest about project’s problems, project members will really help to find solutions, together. Now everyone says that, but just how many do that ?

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