Selecting the best match for your project subcontractor

It is probably one of the most important and at the same time time consuming tasks
– selecting the right subcontractor for my project’s requirements. Generally choosing the wrong subcontractor dooms the project if not making things utterly intolerable. The PM must get it right and to build a strong partnership with the subcontractors.

I think the following points can be brought forward as factors to consider for choosing the right one ( or at least coming close )

The “Experience” – did they do it before or will you serve as their kindergarten experience – Yes, The “Experience” is an important factor. You can rely on experience – a subcontractor that has extensive experience within its team and with what they produce will almost certainly deliver. However, with the reverse of the situation they may have a poorer understanding of what is needed and they may actually gain that experience using your money and time – something which you dont want.

The “can do” factor – Ability  – IMHO, this is probably the first and foremost important factor in choosing the right subcontractor. You have to asses their capabilities and ask if they have the right mix of resources, expertise and equipment that is required to give us what we need – at the our desired quality standard , within the budget and finally on time.

Finally there is the compliance aspect – We have make sure that the products delivered by our subcontractor will be of high quality – consistently. That is why we have standarts and there are a number of of them to help ensure this. PM should always check with the subcontractor to confirm they have the right certification and compliance.

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