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A short reflection on XPM and Scrum

I had a recent talk with one of my colleagues – an academic one and we collected some ideas during our talk about the comparision between the Flexible Project Model(XPM that is) with the Scrum development framework noting similarities and … Continue reading

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Built-in Quality@Work

A VAS guy should be proud of his work ! This is a quick minute about what I think about the Scrum – what it echoes with me when I hear someone talk about it. This one is about  – … Continue reading

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My Experience With Scrum@Work

Scrum made us live better in a place where constant change was the only constant. I worked for a very very large company in the ICT domain, and while it was not considered to be an AGILE shop, as a … Continue reading

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To get involved or not get involved…(Part2)

As an addition to the former post, just want to underline some more tips for an effective project scope management by the organization who do care about scope management. =The companies should make sure to confirm the deliverables as frequently … Continue reading

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S@S a short video

Scrum at Scale is an extension of the core Scrum framework in a very simple way. It is designed to saturate an organization with Scrum. All teams, including Leadership, Human Resources, Legal, Consulting & Training, and product & service teams, implement … Continue reading

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